Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura

Activity zones and technology parks

Industrial area in Delémont

Locating one’s business in the place most conducive to its development is an imperative condition. Transport infrastructures, proximity to clients and/or subcontractors, costs, recruitment basin etc. are among the key criteria to take into account when selecting the best site.

In Jura you will find numerous plots of land for construction, as well as buildings that can host all types of activity at very competitive conditions.


With a reasonable balance of sustainable and economic development, the canton has succeeded in equipping numerous zones of activity that ensure the respect of measured and sustainable use of the land while offering the economy the most attractive space needed for its development. In total, these plots of land currently represent 105 ha non-constructed situated in activity or mixed zones.

Activity zones of cantonal interest

Plots of land are available in particular in activity zones of cantonal interest. These zones offer many advantages in terms of economic promotion, planning and procedures on sites with the best potential to host new activities or development of existing businesses.

They also offer a high quality level meeting the requirements of entrepreneurs (highway and rail accessibility, infrastructure, sufficient and extensible capacity, proximity to an urban center and training facilities, high-speed networks).

In these zones AIC, administrative procedures are accelerated and enable rapid business establishment (deadline for obtaining the building permits reduced to 14 days).

Examples of prices

Industrial Building

Prices vary in function of the equipment, the geographical location, the state of the premises, etc.

Generally speaking, the purchase price of a plot in an activity zone is around, CHF 80.– per squaremetre (equipped with services).

The rental cost in an existing industrial building is around CHF 160.–per square metre per year (not including charges).

The rent of office space for service activities is around CHF 180.– per square metre per year (not including charges).

Technology parks

The canton of Jura has entrusted "Société jurassienne d'équipement SA", with assisting private partners, in building three business incubators to host strategic economic activities:

  • Information & Communication Building, Le Noirmont (available):certified Minergie, it is devoted to IT and communication systems. The firstmodule of 1,200 square metres has a Data Centre and infrastructures that meet the highest quality standards.
  • Life Sciences Building, Delémont (available): destined for companies working in the field of life sciences.
  • Microtechnology Building, Porrentruy (under construction): attached to the infrastructures of the technical school, it will host in particular companies working in the field of micro- and nanotechnology with a space dedicated to prototyping.

Other regional partners such as the «Jura Technology Park» in Porrentruy are working in parallel so as to offer a quality service to any investor who wishes to establish himself in the canton of Jura.

The Cantonal Economic Promotion department supports you in the administrative process

Your contact within the Economic Promotion department is very familiar with the local context and will assist you not only in looking for the ideal location but also in all the administrative and legal steps involved in purchasing real estate, whether it be a plot of land, industrial or service premises or your private home, as well as with the procedures related to building..

In addition, our real estate data base (in French) also gives you information on the different objects that are available.

It should be noted that foreign companies and individuals can acquire land and buildings for industrial or commercial use, as well as homes for the owner or his employees.