Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura

Economic environment

economic environment

International orientation, motivation of workers, investment in research and innovation, quality of training are just some of the benefits that make Switzerland one of the world's most competitive economies.

The country produces mainly goods and services with high added value, principally in the sectors of pharmaceutics, the machine industry, microtechnology,food-processing, watchmaking, banking, insurance, tourism, etc.

Switzerland has a leading position among industrialised countries in the acquisition and mastery of the new technologies required for the most promising sectors.

These competitive sectorsare very attractive for investors. Six areas in particular act as current and future motors for the Swiss economy:

  • biotechnology
  • medical technology
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • the sector of shared services
  • micro- and nanotechnologies
  • environmental technologies

The Jura economy on the move

The economy of the Canton of Jura is composed mainly of local and international SMEs. It possesses industrial know-how born of the watchmaking tradition, and excels in highly technical sectors such as watchmaking, microtechnology and machine tools.

The technological fabric is competitive, and many European companies have found the Jura the ideal location in which to establish themselves in Switzerland.

Today the Jura economy is expanding into new areas of activity. To encourage this diversification, the Jura government has put in placemeasures intended to support active companies or those moving into life sciences, micro- and nanotechnologies, environmental technologies and those of information and communication (ICT).

Micro- and nanotechnology industry

Micro- and nanotechnology industry

Originating in watchmaking expertise, today combined with complementary technologies, the industry of the Jura is known throughout the world in advanced and precision sectors such as watchmaking, microtechnology and machine tools. Some companies are deploying new skills at a very small dimension (nanotechnology) and are in a position to fulfill the new needs of different markets.

Life sciences, health and well-being

Life sciences,  health and well-being industry

The production of implants, specialised equipment, medical instruments, etc. requires advanced skills in micromechanics, materials and components.These skills are indeed present in the industrial fabric of Jura. Accordingly numerous companies have undertaken to diversify into medical technologies, a market experiencing rapid growth.

Information and communication technology

Information and communication technology

The Information and Communication Technologies industry (ICT) is one of the pillars of the Swiss economy.The Canton of Jura possesses an incubator of companies equipped with data centres and meeting the highest quality standards.