Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura

Production costs

In the context of international competition, Switzerland and the canton of Jura in particular offer interesting advantages in production costs.

In addition to the low interest rates mentioned below, the canton offers very attractive advantages in comparison with other cantons:

  • The labour cost / production ratio is particularly attractive
  • Land is reasonably priced and in adequate supply: real estate rental and purchase costs, both for industrial and residential use, are also very attractive
  • Generally speaking, the cost of living is lower than in the country’s urban centres.

Cost of capital

argent, billets, banque

A high proportion of savings and large financial inflows from abroad enable Swiss lending institutions to offer advantageous interest rates compared to international levels. These low rates thus make it possible to reduce the costs related to financing current activities and investments. Interest rates vary between 2% and 7% depending on the reputation and solvency of the client.

Cost of labour

Thanks to the reasonable cost of capital, industry uses technological production tools that are highly capital-intensive, in addition to a labour force that is less numerous but highly qualified.

Although average salaries are often higher in Switzerland, the global cost of labour is reasonable by international standards. In fact, taking into account all the factors (lower social charges, high level of productivity, longer working hours, low rate of absenteeism, absence of industrial conflicts, etc.), Switzerland is both attractive and competitive.

Cost of real estate

Industrial building

Depending on the location and situation, the sales and rental price of commercial premises and industrial surfaces vary considerably. In addition, there is a marked disparity between the city centres and the suburbs. Thus the canton of Jura offers rental and purchase costs that are particularly attractive.