Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura

Culture and sports

A diversified cultural programme

culture, musique

Classical and contemporary music festivals, art galleries, museums, culinary traditions and traditional festivities all show that openness to external influences and local talent make a good combination.

The Jura also benefits from its proximity and links with Basel, a veritable mecca of culture that hosts as many as 40 museums and whose architectural works attract admirers from throughout the world.

Paradise for sportsmen and women of any age


The Jura offers virtually unlimited opportunities to practise sport. Mountain bikers, golfers, hikers and climbers, canoers, hangliders, cross-country skiers, horseback riders or even dogsleigh enthusiasts will find ideal conditions here to indulge in their passion, As for the champions of the future, they are spreading their wings within the "Sports-Arts-Studies" programme.