Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura

Real quality of life

Numerous companies take the decision to establish themselves in Switzerland because of its high quality of life.

Switzerland has so much to offer, given its high standards in areas such as health, education and housing, in addition to its excellent transport and communications networks. Business leaders, their staff and families appreciate the sheer pleasure of being able to enjoy the immense diversity and beauty of the landscape, the historical attractions as well as cultural and sports activities in their leisure time, and this in a human and relaxed atmosphere.

The Republic and Canton of Jura also has numerous other qualities:

- Many small towns that are steeped in history and have managed to retain their own particular atmosphere, which is all part of their charm and conviviality. They are well equipped with schools and colleges, sports and cultural facilities as well as transport and communication networks, which make them ideal as residential areas offering a high quality of life, with nature being on the doorstep.

- The numerous sports facilities offer virtually unlimited opportunities for people of all ages to practise their favourite sports.

- A wide-ranging cultural programme: classical and contemporary music festivals, art galleries, museums and culinary traditions show that openness to modern trends and local genius have always lived happily side by side.

Under the slogan “More Space for a Better Quality of Life”, the Canton of Jura aims to emphasise that it is a region where you can easily enjoy a high quality of life whilst developing your business activities.

“The quality of life and the values of the Jura have enabled us to find a healthy balance between our work and our private life.”

Chantale Tremblay (Canada), General Manager of Schaublin SA