Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura

About us

A mission

The principal mission of the Economic Promotion department is to encourage and support the development of the Jura cantonal economy through the diversification, modernisation and innovation of existing businesses as well as the creation and establishment of new businesses.

In particular it supports industrial or production-oriented service companies whose activities are characterised by a high degree of innovation and added value, and whose final markets extend beyond the region. In addition, it has at its disposal financial instruments to encourage the construction, modernisation and renovation of hotels and other types of accommodation.

It is based on a long-term economic development programme that is approved by the Parliament and assigns to it objectives to be met.

A veritable one-stop-shop at the disposal of businesses, the Economic Promotion department pursues its activities along various lines:

  • Support for the creation and development of businesses,
  • Economic prospection intended to encourage the establishment of foreign companies in Jura. To do this, the canton of Jura has joined forces with BaselArea, comprising the cantons of Bâle Ville (Basle-City) and Bâle Campagne (Basle-Country),
  • Promoting the marketing of products and services of the regional economy.