Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura


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When setting up or developing a business, external funds are generally needed, particularly for R&D and/or production activities. In the event of the purchase or building of a property it is often necessary to resort to mortgage loans.

In the case of an industrial project, it is generally possible to finance 50% of the total value of the plant – market value or costs of construction, including machines and equipment – through bank loans based on pledges of real property, at favourable conditions.

The Economic Promotion department will inform you of the different financing possibilities for obtaining funding, in function of your project, for example:


They grant various types of short-, medium- and long-term loans, with or without guarantee. The amount and conditions of the loan depend on the solvency of the business and its bank relations. In Switzerland, the cantonal and regional banks also play an important role in the financing of investment projects.

Venture capital companies

They participate in the share capital by putting up money without the traditional security measures. The putting-up of venture capital is often accompanied by support and advice on the part of management. They are hoping for significant profits in return.

Business angels

They have the same approach as the venture capital companies, but at a rather more modest level. In the initial phase, they are often both advisors and mentors to young entrepreneurs.

Guarantee bodies

By granting guarantee bonds, they can facilitate access to bank credits for existing or start-up businesses.

The SME Portal (in french, german or italian) of the Confederation gives you further information on the different forms of financing.