Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura


Seeking staff

personnel, emploi, main-d'oeuvre

Workers in Switzerland have a reputation for being motivated, very well trained and having a strong sense of ethics. Hiring staff with the qualifications needed to fill the positions within your company does not generally present any problems. Companies also possess a valuable reserve of available and qualified labour force among the populations across the borders in France and Germany.

For the recruitment of your staff, employment agencies, technical schools, advertising in the media and word of mouth are among the different possible sources.

The Economic Promotion department will support you in your efforts to recruit the qualified personnel that you need.

Work and residence permits

Non-Swiss citizens who work during their stay in Switzerland or wish to remain in the country for more than three months must obtain a work and/or residence permit. Thanks to the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU, the application process is simplified for citizens of the EU/EFTA. For others, the process is a formality within the context of an investment project, including for the permits of expatriate directors and the members of their family who accompany them. These permits are issued by the cantonal authorities.