Promotion économique de la République et Canton du Jura

Tax breaks through NEI Status


Unique in Switzerland, NEI (Nouvelle Entreprise Innovante - innovative new business) status gives both businesses and investors tax and financial advantages.

To help develop and diversify its economy, as well as gain a strategic position in tomorrow's growth industries, the Canton of Jura introduced the NEI status, which offers particularly attractive tax rates.

Any newly created business can request NEI status if they develop an innovative product, production process or marketing technique. This status is, however, subject to certain conditions, such as the company having its headquarters or the majority of its payroll in the Canton of Jura.

NEI status offers three advantages:

Tax reductions for investors who put a minimum of CHF 10,000 a year into their own or someone else's company, up to a maximum of half their taxable income and limited to CHF 200,000 a year. This funding can be spread across the duration of NEI status, a maximum of ten years. The innovative aspect of this status lies in the creation of a separate income tax, with the money invested in the NEI company taxed separately from other income, and at a much lower rate (cantonal, municipal and parish taxes). Other income is taxed normally.
Companies receive an exemption from corporation and capital gains tax of at least 50% (maximum 100%) for a minimum of five and maximum of ten years. This exemption can apply to both cantonal and federal taxes depending on the company's growth.
Companies are eligible for additional economic development support.


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