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3D Printing in Practice - Visite de 3D Precision SA

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Rue Emile-Boéchat 34, 2800 Delémont

3d precision

3D Printing has become a very useful tool in production and prototyping. But there are still open questions. What are the new possibilities? What are potential limitations, like material and surface properties? Who are experienced collaborations partners and how does the collaboration work?
This innovation event takes place at the company 3D Precision SA to provide some hands-on impressions. 3D Precision is a young company founded in 2014 and specialises in additive manufacturing of metallic parts using the very precise selective laser melting process. Applications for the metallic parts are in such different fields as watches and jewellery, automotive, tools, aircraft and the medical field.
This event is ideal for those who are in need for complex metallic parts and want to know more about the possibilities.
Date/Time:      30.08.2018 / 16:00 – 18:00 plus networking apéro
Place:              3D PRECISION SA, Rue Emile Boéchat 34, CH - 2800 Delémont
3D Precision SA is located 100 m from the train station in Delémont.


Time - Title - Speaker - Company

16:00 - Welcome and introduction - Ralf Dümpelmann, and Dominique Beuchat, Directeur, 3D Precision SA

16:10 - 3D Precision – Typical tasks of additive manufacturing and challenges - Dominique Beuchat, Directeur, 3D Precision SA

16:50 - AM-Network: Additive Manufacturing, Potential of a technology and how this is promoted in Switzerland - Hendrik Holsboer, CEO AM-Network, Zürich

17:10 - Additional speaker from industry and/or University of Applied Sciences

17:30 - Tour 3D Precision

18:00 - Networking Apero


The event is free of charge. However, registration is compulsory by 27th August 2018.

3d precision


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